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the heat swimming in the bush river. boats using sonar, drag lining toes searched the bush river, in hartford county looking for a man who slipped under the water sunday evening. he was with a friend on a bass boat similar to this one at the tail end of a hot day. >> two guys were out in the boat and they decided to cool off they jumped over board, one of them got away from the boat the other one tried to help him. >> theresa's husband ran to their backyard dock. >> he watched and realized the guy was in distress and needed help. >> calls for help brought two neighbors out in boatless cued the man still struggling to stay afloat >> it was hard to get the guy on the boat because he was so panicky. >> michelle parks husband made the rescue and brought the man to shore on his boat. >> a couple people called him a hero for rescuing that guy and he said it is still so useless, empty because he could never have found the other guy. >> the rescued man met police at the dixon's home as authorities looked for the missing man. >> he did say he feared he was going to go under himself and t
bubala. >> for the first time the world sees the man accused of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. teresa garcia reports for wjz. james holmes physical appearance disturbs some victims in the court. >> james holmes had brightly died hair and appeared to be daze for his first court appearance. >> you have a right to remain silent. >> the suspected gunman refused to look at the judge while he was read his rights. several times it looked like the 24-year-old was nodding off. >> you're currently being held on a no bond hold. >> prosecutors said they didn't know whether holmes was on medication. >> there's no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we will -- we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence. >> the district attorney said her office will consider pursuing the death penalty and consult with the families of the victims before making that decision. >> if the death penalty is brought, that's a long process that impacts their lives for years. . >> family members of several victims were in court during the hearing. some said they just wanted to see the suspec
. and there are views from employees about zimmerman bringing the gun he used to kill martin. some officers thought his nose was broken the night of the shooting. but others didn't. however, all officers agreed that simmerman -- zimmerman had cuts on the back of his head that night. he now faces second-degree murder charges. >> gigi. thank you. zimmerman is currently on $1 million bond. >>> a surprise sentencing if are a woman -- for a woman in federal court. the feds say she injected silicone into the buttocks of several clients, including one in baltimore that, left that person hospitalized. mike hellgren has more on why things didn't go as planned for prosecutors. >> reporter: kimberly faces prosecution and a fine. so prosecutors brought out a key witness as they sparred with her defense lawyer, over the appropriate punishment. but he turned on them. >> can you say anything about what happened, ma'am? >> reporter: one of kimberly smitherly's people said to go to hell. she pleaded guilty earlier this year for her role in what prosecutors say was a lucrative investigation. injecting silicone, the kind
of the region. and a severe thunderstorm watch for areas north and west of us, including garrett county and york and adams county, in pennsylvania. take a look at radar. there are storms to the north and west of us. most of them will stay across northern and central approximate -- pennsylvania. they're strong now. a little here from pits pittsburgh to wheeling. they'll have a chance of thunderstorms. they should weaken, hopefully, by then. but tomorrow, another chance we could see some strong or even some severe thunderstorms across the region. kai? >> bob, thank you. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage. for the latest weather advisories and a look at doppler radar, log onto wjz.com. >>> baltimore county police make an arrest in a disturbing sexual assault case. and how police say he met his young victim. police say the 13-year-old victim made a phone app called grinder. he is being held on $5,000 bail. he's charged with solicitation of a minor. police say he agreed to meet with the young boy ask engage with -- and engage with a young boy. the victim's parents learned about the cont
lady, end quote. and then showed the picture from his cell phone of the firearm he would use. he allegedly made the remark when he was asked why he was late for a motorcade assignment. >> late this afternoon, the white house confirmed that the president was aware of the threat but has not yet released a statement on it. >>> bomb scare. a delta flight lands in mad rid, hours after landing at new york's jfk international airport. more than 200 people were evacuated after a report of a suspicious device in the bathroom. officials say the wires were determined to be nonexplosive but didn't belong to the plane. no arrests were made. >>> rochelle ritchie has the latest from police headquarters. >> reporter: the officer who fired those fatal shots is a 17- year veteran with the baltimore county police. he's now on paid administrative leave. >> reporter: baltimore county police say just before midnight, they tried to serve a search warrant at this home on the 400 block of high meadow home. >> they made their way to the second floor. >> reporter: it was on the second floor, corporal kathl
are looking for in their worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> there is a flurry of activity at the site of the movie theater massacre today. wjz has complete coverage. mike hellgren has more on a victim who plans to attend school right here in maryland. but we start with teresa garcia in aurora, colorado, with more on the investigation. >> reporter: federal investigators were back at the crime scene today. they were processing evidence at the theater where a dozen people were killed and 58 others injured. a tow truck was seen hauling a car from the 16th century parking lot. the boyfriend of the woman who owns the car, was killed. police returned her keys, along with her blood-soaked purse. investigators for the defense have asked to be allowed into the theater. they also want access into the apartment of the suspect, james holmes. the government also wants a psychiatric evaluation of holmes. >> the first funerals will begin this week. but in the midst of all of the sadness in aurora, there
of sizzling sun beating down on us. meteorologist bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> it really did feel good out there today, compared to where we have been. we'll show you first doppler radar. it's because of that front that moved through yesterday. it is just moved off to our south, barely. and that's where it's going to be for the next couple of days. so close enough that we're still seeing a few showers and showers and thunderstorms down at the beaches. and we'll see the risk of showers and thunderstorms. but from the northern side of that front, take a look at temperatures. no, we're not talking 90s or 100s. it is 83 degrees. and the dew point is way down to 58 degrees. and compared to yesterday at this time, we are about 16 degrees cooler in baltimore, 20 in d.c. now, out west, the thunderstorms have already started to come through. and that's why it is not as drastic. this is the overall pattern that we're looking at. we had that huge jet stream buildup and allowed it to build up in the entire eastern half of the country. that has now been s
is an example of why immigration makes the u.s. stronger. >> it's why we still need a dream act, to keep talented young people who want to contribute to our society and serve our country. it's why we need -- why america's success demands comprehensive immigration reform. >> reporter: last month, president obama instituted a few policy that stops the deportation of illegal immigrants, especially those who came here as children, those seeking college degrees other and members of the military. >> reporter: the latest gal gallup poll shows the president with a 4 of point lead over republican challenger, mitt rom no, with just four months to go until election day. >> reporter: mitt recommendne also had a traditional fourth of july. the republican white house hopeful was with his family, marching in a parade in new hampshire. he took time to sit down with cbs news, and talk about the recent supreme court decision, on the president's affordable care act. >> not only did he raise the $500 billion that was already in the bill, it's now clear that his mandate, as described by the supreme court, is
]. >> zimmerman said he felt his life was in danger and he had no choice but to use his gun. >> i do wish there was something i could have done that wouldn't have put me in the position to take his life. >> he's looking to place the blame upon trayvon and he's the one that made the decision to get out the vehicle that night. >> martin's parents charge his story was full of inconsistencies and say they targeted his son because he's black. >> i just don't believe what he says. it hurts a great deal. >> zimmerman faces a charge of second degree murder. he is free on a $1 billion bond. >> zimmerman also said he can't imagine what martin's parents must feel like and that he prays for them every day. >>> a developing story from ocean city at this hour. a small plane crashes killing the pilot. denise is in the news room. >> reporter: an ocean city banner plane crashes just after 11:00. it went down near the airport. only the pilot was in the plane when it crashed. witnesses say the plane appeared to have being engine trouble after dropping the advertising banner. the plane's wing looked like it
of the estimates that were given to us immediately following this hurricane-like hit. >> reporter: bge says the storm destroyed some of the lines that are the backbone of its supply system. it's now gotten more than a million calls into its call center. many people wanting to know, when are the lights going to come back on? >> reporter: more power crews arrive from out of state, ready to tackle the mess in maryland of limbs and lines. >> bge put the call out that they needed help. and people are coming from far away. >> reporter: as hot temperatures scorch the state with no ac, tempers are rising with them. >> a lot of people haven't heard from bge. >> wow. >> hoping they'll do something soon. >> reporter: and so many people keep asking us, when are the lights going to come back on? and that answer varies for many of you. for some, it could be into the weekend. depends on where you live. they're trying to prioritize this, based on public safety, and based on infrastructure, in particular areas. they don't want to give exact promises, because they don't want to have to break them later. beca
for letting hundreds of stadium seats sit empty. >> people are not using those seats let us in. >> reporter: british officials, drafted in soldiers to fill the gaps they say tickets were mostly for olympic officials and athletes, family and friends who stay for a short time organizers are saying some of those 3,000 tickets will be vailable for popular events like swimming and gymnastics these will only be sold online only to british residents. >> we have been waiting outside asking people for tickets if they have extras and we have not been able to buy any. >> reporter: american swimmers still draw big clouds but french took revenge on if u.s. men's relay team gives michael phelps his first ever silver. the world champion swam stronger than the night before when he didn't even place. getting to the games is proving to be less of a challenge than expected. in first rush hour since olympics there were no major hurdles. wjz eyewitness news. >>> and the president of france paid a visit to his athletes in britain and says he is considering a bid for 2024 summer games after losing out to london l
manufacturing, production at u.s. factories slowed down for the first time in nearly three years, manufacturing is also down in europe. a new report shows unemployment in euro zone countries is at a record 1 1.1%. encouraging sign the u.s. housing market is bouncing back, government data shows construction spending jumped 1% in may, the highest in five months, there is a surge in new home building and construction of commercial real estate is also on the rise. british prosecutors considering criminal charges against barclay's bank, britain's largest financial firm is being fined $453 million for trying to manipulate interest rates. barclay's chairman resigned over the scandal, u.s. authorities are investigating to see if any american laws were broken. >>> u.s. farmers are betting corn will be this year's cash crop, the department of agriculture says more than 96 million-acres of corn were planted in the spring, the most since 1937. corn is used in thousands of food products, as well as livestock feed and ethanol that is your money watch for more news head to cbs money watch.com. in new york,. >
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spotted her in the essex area that led to police finding ms. ripken. but a neighbor had told us that she was bound inside her home, that the abductor had tried to put duct tape over her eyes and he drove her around in her car. let's take a listen. >> reporter: 74-year-old violet ripken, the matriarch of the ripken family, was abducted at gunpoint inside the garage of her long-time home in aberdeen. she's the widow of former o's manager cal senior. a friend and neighbor who spoke to her after the ordeal said she was bound and forced inside her lincoln town car. >> she said she went into the garage. he was waiting there. he had a mask and gloves on. she couldn't recognize who he was. so he tied her up and put a mask on her. said he was going to do something else first. and told her to get in the car. he wanted her in the car. >> in her car? >> yes. wanted her car and money and her to go with them. and that's what happened. >> every foot of the area, we believe that he drove throughout central maryland. and at this time, we are not sure what locations he was at, what time he was driving and
of high heat, the most vulnerable of us in the community are even more vulnerable. so that includes the elderly folks with underlying heart conditions. it's critical for them to be in cool spaces. >> reporter: hydration is the key to survival for anyone working outdoors. >> you can actually fry an egg on the roof. >> reporter: roofs baking in the sun can reach temperatures of 180 degrees. part of why roofers often altser their schedules. start early in the morning and try to get off at 2:00 before the heat sets in. drink a lott of water and gate -- a lot of water and gatorade. >> reporter: for chimney repairmen, that means take a lot of breaks. >> he mr. come down and i from -- he will come down and i will go up. take breaks. it helps a lot. >> i get a slurpee when i have to to go sit in my car until it cools down. that's the only way i survive. >> reporter: city pools are open an extra hour today because of this code red heat alert. in fact, the city has open 11 different cooling stations where people can go in and get the free ice water and get the air conditioning. that sounds pr
made it a sweep for the u.s. in the back stroke. the family rushed to congratulate him. >> oh, man. >> mom couldn't keep her hands off the gold medal. families of america's swimmers say being at the games is almost overwhelming. >> should i turn on the tears now? because i've just been a basket case of tears for days over this. it's great. >> reporter: fans who didn't get tickets are saying this is the next best thing. they're coming to parks around london to watch the excitement on the big screen. >> just a big goodbye with the tv. and everyone casually watching. it's fun. >> reporter: prince william, kate, and harry were among the packed crowd at an iest ryan event. the-- equestrian event. >> british police say the games are running safe. tweet says an an-year-old let his dad down when he failed to win a medal for britain. bailey's father died of brain cancer a month ago. >>> a swiss soccer player has been expelled from the olympics for threatening and erasing his message on twitter about south koreans. >>> new evidence is released in the vai ripken abduction case. adam may has m
>>> scares in the sky. big problems on several u.s. flights. >> it was scary. >> reporter: three separate emergency incidents with hundreds of passengers. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> when those three flights landed, more than a dozen people needed medical treatment. some passengers feared the worst. terrell brown reports with more on the midair drama. >> reporter: tuesday turned into a turbulent day in the skies around the country, as three flights were met by emergency crews, immediately upon landing. in miami, american airlines flight 1780, landed with 12 injured people, five of them rushed to the hospital. >> it was scary. >> reporter: the miami-bound boeing 757 took off from aruba, just after 3:00 p.m. local time. about 30 minutes from landing, su severe turbulence jolted the aircraft for a full 15 seconds, launching people from their seats and each slamming one woman into the ceiling after she got up to secure her son. >> i was with her in the bathroom. and i hit myself in the knee. and i just went back to my seat. >>
us to a place where we could get an emergency petition. >> reporter: they say he referred to himself as the joker. charges are pending at this hour. they say they just took him into custody for a mental health evaluation because they believed he was a danger to himself and others in the community. he worked for pitne bows in prince george's county. that's a mail office supply company. a representative there tells wjz that he hadn't been on the property in four months and they say he was a subcontractor. reporting live in crofton, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> and of course, this arrest is no doubt a shock to the crofton neighborhood where prescott lives. our complete coverage continues now. wjz is live. jessica kartalija spent the afternoon talking to people who live there. jessica? >> reporter: well, good afternoon, vic. anywhere from 500 to 700 people live in the upscale apartment complex, where the suspect was arrested. residents there tell us that it's full of young families. and of course, young professionals as well. many commuters to washington, d.c. and balt
in elkton. it is dry up to the north and northeast of us. high temperatures and high heat index. we do have from -- actually from now, starting noon until 8:00 tonight. we have a heat advisory, except for the city, as you can see, neighboring areas, east and west. that's an excessive heat warning until 8:00 tonight. eastern shore areas, up to jersey as well. they have an excessive heat watch tonight and probably again tomorrow. and likely again on saturday, before we see somewhat of a break coming in our heat and humidity. tim in the outback with a look at just how hot it's been. tim? >> well, we've talked about these temperatures now, just like a broken record. and today again, temperatures have gone up to near 100 degrees. we've already gone up today to 98 degrees. we have a little bit of a drop. it's gotten us to 97. but our heat of the day, we could still tack on a few degrees there. we could be easily in the triple digits. and we hit temperatures of 106 degrees. as you see our forecast high, we do spike on saturday. we'll be in the low 100s for our forecast high. heat index on that day
. there are only losses. >> losses, losses, of young lives. >> reporter: police and prosecutors used phone records and witness statements to build their case. family members and friends of the defendants were in court but refused to say anything about the case. >> you want to say that again? >> yeah, i said, kiss my [ bleep ] >> reporter: one of the young men, antoine mosely, told the judge he was trying to raise funds for a private attorney and did not want the services of a public defender. she told him it would be unwise to move forward without any council. he said he understood and was willing to take the risk. reporting live, mike hellgren, week eyewitness news. >> and police recovered 16 shell casings and a weapon at the scene. >>> stunning allegations against the baltimore city firefighter. police say 29-year-old jamar simmons was running an online prostitution ring and illegal after-hours club. a second man is also charged in the case. simmons worked for the city fire department since 2000. wjz is gathering more information. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >>> sounds l
in 27 u.s. states last month, the most in nearly a year. they're in line with other recent reports across the country. nevada has the highest unemployment rate at 11.6%. yahoo pulled out the big bucks to lure the ceo from google. marissa's compensation package could be worth a whopping $31.6 million over the next years. and first day of trading on the nasdaq, kayak was founded by the same people to launch expedia, travelosty, and i'm alexis. >>> the ride at six flags had to get off mid ride. a power surge caused the coaster to stall, leaving stranded in yew eureka, missouri. no injuries reported. >>> all right and if it was stuck right in that location, there are worse places to be. >> absolutely. >> like upsidedown. okay, coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00, startling images of a flight emergency in chicago. what went wrong? >> they take the life of another local serviceman. >> a line of storms are moving through. will the skies clear up for the weekend? >> wjz is always on wjz.com for the top stories. instant updates and first warning weather all the time. click wjz.com. ,,,
for maryland right now. anyone who is outside is urged to use caution when working or exercising. >>> bge crews continue to make repairs across the state to power lines downed since last friday's storms. workersworkers and those without power continue to suffer in this intense heat. outside at the moment, it's still hazy, hot and rather humid out there. it's been 20 days now that the temperature has risen above 90 degrees. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is at the inner harbor. but first, let's go to bob turk. with more on how hot it got today. >> a few minutes ago, we were at 97. but an hour ago, it got briefly up to 98. but the good news is, today's humidity was relatively low. dew point relatively low. take a look. last hour -- let's take a look at the computer. not the radar. 97. the dew point, however, is only at 60 degrees. it had been as high as the low 70s. so 97 degrees here. 98 in washington, with a dew point of 60. feels like, guess what, 97. hasn't gone up. now, cumberland is up to 104. i expect that that's what we'll see tomorrow or even
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